For any fan of Lush’s cosmetics products and the company’s ethics based model, ‘Danger Cosmetics To Go’ will be of interest (as a self-confessed Lush obsessive, discovering how some of my favourite products started out is nothing short of fascinating). But let’s make one thing clear, this isn’t a book about Lush… as such. This is a book about its predecessor; a company called ‘Cosmetics To Go.’ Depending on your age, you may or not may not remember it in trading, but without its spectacular rise and fall, the Lush we know and love today would not exist.

The book takes us right back to the roots, when co-founders Mark and Mo Constantine joined forces with Liz Weir. From there it delivers a frank and entertaining look at the company’s history, introducing us to the many colourful characters that thrived within it. As well as learning about how ‘Cosmetics To Go’ functioned and grew, an insight is also provided into the sense of social and  environmental responsibility. Particularly interesting are the pages that explain the company’s stance against animal testing and how this was overcome, although I had hoped this would feature more extensively. In comparison the pages devoted to nostalgic overviews of past product ranges are far more substantial and it is a shame that the ethical element wasn’t expanded on slightly more.

The pages themselves are testament to ‘Cosmetics To Go’s’ creativity and flair, bursting with illustrations, customer comments and old  photographs. There are also adventures and anecdotes galore that will undoubtedly broaden the reader’s understanding of the brand’s present day counterpart.

Reviewed by Francesca Bassenger. Image © Lush.

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